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NC, UML and Maoist to batle it out in Gulmi.

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Gulmi Darshan
Nepali Congress (NC), CPN-UML and CPN Maoist are expected to undergo a fierce battle in the three constituencies of Gulmi.
Nepali Congress's Chandra Bhandari, CPN Maoist Chandra Bdr. Thapa Magar "Sagar", CPN-UML Pradip Gyawali, Gokarna Bista and Maina Bhandari are the prominent leaders contesting from Gulmi. Constituency-2 is supposed to have the toughest competition as most prominent leaders are contesting. Former minister Pradip Gyawali (CPN-UML), YCL Valley In-Charge Chandra Bdr. Thapa Sagar (CPN Maoist) and NC Youth leader Chandra Bhandari are in battlefield challenging each other. Gyawali had already won previous Parliamentary Polls while Bhandari has never tasted victory and Sagar is trying his luck with the ballot for the first time. In constituency-1 , almost all candidates bear new faces. Bharat Bdr. Chand (RPP) and Suresh Chandra Bhusal (NC) are challenging Gokarna Bista (CPN UML) in constituency- 3.


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