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All Gulmeli leaving Kathmandu.

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As the day of constituent assembly (CA) poll approaches, Gulmeli people in Kathmandu are planning to return home to make best use of their franchise. All of them are determined to use their right on April 10 ( 28th Chaitra).
"Although I don't know much about constituent assembly poll, I will go home to cast vote for peace", said Rajib Gyawali, 21 who study in Manmohan Memorial College, Thamel. A resident of BaleTaxar Gulmi , Gyawali says if election takes place, it will bring peace to the country. Nabin Aryal, 30 who has a foot wear shop in Bhotahity Sajha Bhandar said, " It is a great opportunity to take part in making a new constitution for our future", he said. He doesn't want to miss this golden opportunity to vote.
Damber Bashnet and Sita Bashnet, the owners of Lumbini Tanduri Dhaba and Bhojanalaya, Teku are also planning to go to village within few days. The couple are the resident of Turang -3, Gekhung. They both are planning to cast vote for the same candidate and same party. They preferred not to mention the name of candidate and their party and said. "It cost alot but we have to go to choose the right and qualified candidate." Mani Prashad Aryal, a film maker/producer and Ram Bdr. KC, founder/director of Newton High School are also preparing to go to Gulmi for the poll. Aryal is the resident of Turang and KC of Wami. "It is a golden opportunity to contribute in making new constitution", Ram Bdr. KC said, " I dont want to miss this opportunity. So I have to go to my village." Similarly Mani Prd. Aryal wishes polls were conducted peacefully, without any violence. "Violence must be stopped for a free and fair poll." Aryal said, "Such a day won't come repeatedly. So we must cast vote in this constituent assembly poll."
Many Gulmelis have already moved to their villages and rest of them are planning to go to their village soon. Its not only from Kathmandu, huge mass of gulmely students, teachers, workers, businessmen, officers are returning to their village from Butwal, Pokhara, Palpa and from many other places for Poll.


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