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Bhai Tika observed

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Gulmi Darshan/Kantipur Report
KATHMANDU, Oct 30 - Bhai-Tika, the final day of the Yama Panchaka, has been observed with great zeal across the country on Thursday.
Concluding the five-day long festival, people from all walks of life received well wishes and prayers form their sisters to mark the Bhai-Tika today.
Sisters offer seven colours as Tika on the forehead of their brothers, and put garland of marigold and Makhamali around latter’s neck. Prior to that they inunct brothers with mustard oil. Oil and Makhamali flowers are symbols of longevity.
Sisters pray for long life and prosperity of their brothers with Lord Yamaraja this day. Likewise, brothers also offer gifts such as clothes and Dakshina (money) to sisters while sisters give a special gift known as Sagun (which is a mixture of curd, dried fruits, nuts, and candies).
The time between 11:35 am to 12:55 noon was the most auspicious for Bhai-Tika, according to astrologers. The sisters could however offer Tika at any time on the day. Nonetheless, Bhai-Tika has always been auspicious during noon time.
According to the Hindu mythology, even Yamaraja, the god of death, visits his sister Yamuna during the five days of Yama-Panchaka and receives Tika from her. Hindu legends mention a story of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, offering Bhai-Tika to King Bali during noon this day which is the second day of the waning moon in the holy month of Kartik.
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