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Authentic Gurkhas and wannabe Gurkhas

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Tenhang Rai
Identification is something more important than the culture that we will adopt in future but using the wrong identification means it is totally insane for us and for them as no one will benefit.

As a media representive back in the days when I was visiting some places in U.K and H.K I was shocked when I heard the term Gurkhas used by some Nepalese for the purpose of getting jobs and other benefits but who are not actually Gurkha – neither soldiers nor related with Gorkha district either.
All Gurkhas are Nepalese but all Nepalese are not Gurkhas unless there are loads of reason behind it.
When my mates in my college asked me "where are you from?" I told them I was from Nepal and they asked me, "Are you Gurkha?" I replied yes and had conversation with him about my family tradition, then he told me he had loads of Gurkha friends and introduced me with them and later on I found that they were not Gurkhas- neither solider nor Gurkhali from Gorkha.
In some of the company jobs in this country-U.K, the British people see Gurkhas as brave as they used to be but now a days due to misuse of the word Gurkha by some of the people they don’t believe us as much as they used to despite there being no doubt of our bravery.
Not only is there misunderstanding about Gurkhas but there are loads of things with other cultures as well where people think that those specific races are like that!

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