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Local bodies must be formed with consensus: NC Veep

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GULMI, Nov 24 - Nepali Congress (NC) Vice President Ram Chandra Poudel Monday said that his party will participate in the local bodies if it is formed with consensus among the political parties.
Speaking to media persons at Gulmi district today, Poudel said that the NC will join the local bodies if it is formed as a common forum. The NC vice president, who went to the Mid-Western district to take part in his party’s National Awareness Programme’ He said that the political parties should finalise the structure of the local bodies after forging a common agreement among the parties.
Poudel said that the Maoist combatant must submit their arms to the state, they must be rehabilitated, the truth and reconciliation commission must be formed and the Comprehensive Peace Agreements must be strictly implemented and respected in order to eradicate the fear and terror of the Maoists.


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