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Kuwait rejects handwritten passport

Published on 8:38:00 PM //

The Nepali embassy in Kuwait has urged migrant workers to avoid using handwritten passports while entering the job destination.

Kuwaiti immigration has been stopping Nepali handwritten passport bearers at the airport and deporting them, as Bangladeshi nationals were found using those passports. Kuwaiti authorities are not

accepting the handwritten passport, a press note of the embassy read.

“It will be better to enter Kuwait using a Machine Readable Passport (MRP),” said Nepali ambassador to Kuwait Madhuvan Poudel.

“There has been no problem with Machine Readable Passport in the destination till date.” About 63,000 Nepali migrant workers are working in Kuwait including 35,000 housemaids. It is believed that half the number of housemaids have entered the job market with fake passports.


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