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Resunga: Paradise on Earth

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Prabha Panthi
Resunga, a land endowed with rare natural gifts, is a rich source of biological diversity and an exhilarating tourist destination situated in Gulmi district, mid-west hilly region. It is about a 120 Km away to north from the Mahendra Highway and is linked with blacktopped road. Its range spreads tantalizingly over immense territory embracing the district headquarters, Tamghas from the southern-eastern region with its gigantic lap. Situated at an altitude of about 7400 ft. it covers an area of about 3400 hectares of nine different VDCs. Atop Resunga, visitors are rewarded with the fascinating views of the surrounding vista and the majestic Himalayan peaks.
Resunga abounds with rich historical and cultural heritages. There are about 16 different historical temples and Mathas in this range, which carry with them not only the identity of Gulmi district but also the entire nation. This region was once the spot of hermits like Sashidhar Swami and Yadukananda.
Various ancient temples, beautiful ponds, greenery and pleasant view of mountains like Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchre, Annapurna and many others are the main attraction of Resunga. They have carved their niche of being the popular tourism spots. It can also be a favourable spot of trekking, hiking, mountain climbing and jungle safari for the tourists. There are various beautiful spots such as Godzura, view tower, Yagyashala mandir, pond etc. During haribodhini ekadashi people from different parts of the country visit the place to worship there. The mountain has also become a good source of spring water, which has been quenching the thirst of thousands including the fauna and flora around it.
Resunga region can be a unique tourist destination while conserving the natural and cultural heritage of the area. This zone consists of the entire Resunga forest area of 1883 hectares, which would be essentially a conservation area with its unparalleled natural beauty and pilgrimage activities. In addition to the religious and nature-based tourism related activities, recreational, village / culture and health tourism promotional activities are considered appropriate for this zone.
There is a view tower atop the mountain from where one can take the pleasure of stunning landscapes, majestic mountains, verdant valleys, serpentine rivers, clustered settlements wonderful waterfalls, enchanting lakes, beautiful gardens, lush green forests and exotic wildlife from the peak of Resunga. The bewitching land also provides the view of historical and formidable forts, magnificent palaces of the Chaubise kings. It was an epicentre of the Chaubise kings in the bygone era.
The exquisite monuments, temples and exotic wildlife has made Resunga a paradise on earth. The land of vibrant colours and breathtaking variety is inhabitated by various animals such as leopard, deer, ghoral, wild cat, porcupine etc. Besides, the land also shelters hundreds of flowering plants, valuable herbs and trees such as robust, pines, alnus nepalenis, schima wallichi, bamboo, rhododendron, wallnut, tejpat, timur, padmachal, kurilo etc. There are also birds like kaliz, dove, nightingale, parrot, etc. The holy land of never ending history and unlimited legends never fails to fascinate its visitors with its mind-boggling beauty.
Resunga is studded with excellence, the alpine meadows, blessed with exceptional natural beauty and the landscaping knows no bounds. This retreat of peace and beauty has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday. It is well known for its rich flora and fauna, serene environment and fabulous vistas.
It seems that as if mother nature has magnanimously bestowed much of its charm to Resunga and presented her the best form of pure, pristine, picturesque and phenomenal ingredients. It is a must visit destination for the nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.
Moreover, the Resunga area can be developed anew into a popular tourist destination in a package both for pilgrimage tourism and recreational tourism. The nearby destinations such as Bichitra cave in Dhurkot, ancient palace in Durbar Devistan, Sringeshwor temple in Sringa Deurali, Ruru, the confluence of two holy rivers, Kali Gandaki and Ridi at the border of Gulmi and Palpa districts. Similarly, the famous Rani Mahal, popularly known as Taj Mahal of Nepal, Srinagar, famous picnic spot of the region can be developed as package destinations while promoting the area.
Government of Nepal has already set up Ruru Resunga Conservation and Tourism Development Board under the Development Act in 2063 BS carrying out tourism development programmes in the region. Hence, the most important feature of Resunga is the gift of nature as the region is covered with dense mixed forest with water source and rich biodiversity. Therefore, conservation of the Resunga heritage along with tourism development is at least as important as the development of tourism infrastructure, products and services for sustainable tourism development in the region.

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